How to pop a cloud

"Popping the Clouds" is a blog created to dream. Imagine a world where dreams could come true, and clouds could be popped like balloons. Tell a story, write a poem, share a recipe, talk about your ideas. Mention your latest book, a song, a sentence, a dream... Feel free to fly and reach the "popping clouds".

Monday, April 23, 2012

Around the house

 One of my favourites : an old appliance for my juices. Still working. 

 Cactus : because sometimes I forget to water the plants, and these ones don't complaint about it ;)

One of my favourite chairs. Just because it's a one piece furniture.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Should I

Should I keep on walking? ...

Should I embrace the rocks along the way?
The final stones and pebbles that appear, now and then, just to stop life from moving around.
The final step, the end of misery as it is seen.

Should I stare?
Should I keep on breathing?
To inhale the deep dark clouds surrounded by pain and suffer.
The gasps of memories gone, that keep on coming back from time to time just to be remembered.

Should I cry for help?
Should I raise my hands and beg for mercy?
Way high.
Touch the sky and smell the white clouds full of hope.

Should I? ...

Try to be someone else so the tears can go away.
Pretend another world, another body in order to escape.
Try not to be the same soul ... in vain ... just to fly around and disappear ... maybe some day ...

Should I keep on dreaming?
Should I believe it is going to be better? ...

Should I? ...
And I just keep on walking ...