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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do you knit?

I do. It's to compensate the sad cold days that pop up through my window.

So, knitting is one of my hobbies. And it's refreshing too. At least I spend the gray hours doing something creative, so I don't feel so useless staying at home.
I sell most of my handmade works, but this one it's a gift.


  1. Wowww can i ask how you started knitting? How did you learn? I've been wanting to knit for agessss :\ it seems so hard :(

  2. Well, my mom taught me :)I learned to knit even before I could read or write ;) You can try to search knitting lessons in youtube, it's not that hard once you start, it's like riding a bycicle :)

  3. It is so nice!! I really would like to learn... I started but I just can knitt basic stuff, I would love learning nice accessories like yours :)

  4. I haven't knitted for years, it is so relaxing,
    just surfing and I came across your blog, hope you don't mind

  5. I would love to be so hand gifted :) I already tried to do it, my grandma even taught me when I was little but I was just not made to knit... ahaha congratulations for your beautiful creations!


  6. Thanks to all of you :))

    One of the things that I like most is to be around my friends ( and friends of friends ...) and to see that people do use my stuff :) It's so rewarding to be able to do something that it's actually worth it.

    Do you know what I mean ? :))