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Monday, March 21, 2011

Something to snack?

Is there something more rewarding than creating your own meals?

This it's all about leftovers :) My favourite :) You will need white fish (any kind), stir the fish with olive oil, 1 tomatoe, 1 ognion. After being cooked you can join 3 boiled potatoes (I didn't have them, so I joined some bread). Mix everything and add some flour and form a shape. I decided to form some balls because it's easier ;) 1 egg and some oats are the final touch. Fry them in a pan so they can get crispy. It's not that healthy but it tastes better :)


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  2. Thanks for dropping by :) I took a peek in your blog, great bags :)) And I will pass the info to my "handbags addicted" friends ;)