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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Store

My favourite vintage store in town :)

It feels great to walk around the store and recognize most of the things that were a part of our childhood. This is my favourite one in Lisbon. It's not only the marvelous concoction of products spread along the tables and cupboads, the beauty of the colours mingled along the way, but also the encouraging smell that we can feel into the air as soon as we walk through the entrance.


  1. Acesse:

  2. Oh, I love shops like that. But unfortunetly shops like that are seldom ; /

  3. I'm fortunate about that. Lisbon is a city full of memories, there are still loads os stores, and shops, and cafés like the good old days :)

  4. Beautiful shop, would love a walk around if I were in your country!