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Monday, May 11, 2009

Cat moments

I am a cat in the world,
One more among the others - you think,
I jump and I walk around the corners,
Lay in a warm day at the top of a counter,
Try to fly and spread my invisible wings
To reach the outside

I am cat in the world,
The one who feels free even inside,
I crawl and beg for hugs,
Lick your fingertips when you give me food,
Capt your attention like a camera
When you are far away in your thoughts.

I am cat in the world,
Feeling love and holding you,
Just treat me well and I'll be your loyal friend,
Embrace me in cold days and
Leave me alone when it's sunny,
I am free but with benefits

I am a cat in the world,
Always by your side no matter what,
I run through the house when I'm happy,
I will guard your shrine when you are not there
And at the end of the day
I wait for your arrival at home
Behind the entrance door

I am cat in the world,
But I am above all
Your cat
In your own world
That you became mine as well ...

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