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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flowers in peace

I agree that the flowers must be left in peace,
That the winds must blow only from time to time,
To let them grow and be generous with life,
Even when the soft breeze penetrates their soul.

I agree that the rains must travel daily,
Open their tears to the world and soak the petals,
Embrace the fields open wide when they are coloured
And ready to bloom among the other nature.

I agree that the thunders must roar every day,
Scream loudly at the top of the endless sky,
Fill in the lungs with air and little pieces of pólen,
So it can inhale peacefuly the soft life bellow.

I agree that the sun must shine proudly,
Spread the rays of light through the branches,
Twisting the heat in delicate flowers that pop around,
Switching their colours into a bright tone,
A very peculiar one that will keep on shinning,
Even when the sun is gone.

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