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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dark days

Iris is sick ...
Cancer they say. I believe that's what I heard, because honestly I didn't hear much ... The vet was trying to explain the entire process, but my body was the only thing present because my mind was somewhere else. Most likely travelling to the past and trying to gather the most important moments of my life with her ... The most important being of my life, really ... The one that stuck together with me along my ups and downs. She was the only one going through my different apartments, different jobs, different friends, a divorce, different boyfriends, moving to another city and then again to another country and returning to start all over again. She was always there. She still is. And I know that she will always be. But despite all of this, she's still sick ... My best friend is sick and she's not even aware of it ...


  1. Thanks for your kind words Breeze :)

    I've also updated some info under "Iris's thoughts".