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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Afternoon Sun

Picture taken in Algarve, Portugal

The sun consumed the shining yellow skies, spreading the rays of light through the houses of the village illuminating the dark divisions, observing through the trees searching for unprepared couples in the bushes, coloring girls' shy faces that were close to the sin, burnishing the landscapes, transforming them into postcards of strong colors that would be delivered into photographs prepared to fill hearts that would be kept in closed drawers after seeing them. And, right over there, inside of the several drawers of the planet, that afternoon sun would be dead, letting the destination lay it down inside of the dusty furniture next to the forgotten letters and unusable boxes of remedies. Removing all the color of the photographic paper transforming it into dark night without stars, filed in a minimum space with no light and suffocating it without ever shining again.


  1. Beeeeeeeeeeemmm!! Continua a encantar-nos com a tua escrita. :)


  2. Gordurosa, mas supé bem! Espero que estejas bem, miúda. Tenho sabido das tuas andanças (mundo pequeno!). Espero que estejas bem e que vás visitando o meu supé blog (sim, está meio morto, mas brevemente volta à vida). Eu por mim, já te "marquei"

  3. O sol fez isso tudo? Chiça :P JOY

  4. Ai meu Deus, que a "milk woman" eh supe bem, caturreira de Cascais, ja me tinha esquecido, mas nao parece nada por fora, eh so chique por dentro :P
    Bem e Kri,eh assim ... EU ate sei algumas cenas ta? Entre elas a escrita e a vida do sol, ahh poix eh :)