How to pop a cloud

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Saturday, November 1, 2008


The branches were bending forward at the top of the tree. Sam couldn’t reach them, she tried to but she needed to stretch her arms wide open until she could see the sky. Clouds of white were floating by and the inner blue was almost transparent. She stood there beneath the tree, picking from a leaf and choosing the colors randomly just like a painter preparing his work. Clouds were no longer white, she gave them a touch of green, a dark green with brown spots, then she did the same with a red leaf and turned the sky into night. A butterfly stood by a flower watching her, Sam looked down and realized that she was no longer on the ground. She opened her arms, took a deep breath, touched a sparkling star and started flying leaving all her problems behind, and the butterfly never saw her again.

Written by: PopCloud


  1. I enjoyed this very much. I was reading also your "how to pop a cloud" and it reminded me of myself at the age of eight. I lived in the mountains and there was a morning fog often. When I would wake early enough, I would grab a jar, run outside, and catch the cloud in the jar. None-the-less you can imagine my surprise when I returned inside and "poof" no cloud. I would say to myself "it escaped, I will get it next time!". It is good to be a dreamer, there aren't enough of us. =)

  2. Kalei, thank you so much for your comment:) I truly understand the need to fly, and the need to have a cloud inside a jar:) That is such a great memory, I hope you have much more like this one.