How to pop a cloud

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time to Play

Now, that the cold is outside, and the wind blows gently on the streets, it is time to play in the playground with really warm clothes,

and once this time of the year tends to be so dark,

... let's give it a touch of yellow,

... with a small drop of brown...

... and play days will be much brighter


  1. Tão Bonito!! Kero um gorro desses...mas cor de rosa ou azul. Faz 1 para mim, k eu compro!


    Snow B.

  2. This was so creative and witty! I really enjoy your writing style. You connect your obvious craft of knitting/crochet and your gift and love of writing. I like the recipes also and will be selecting one of them for future brunch plans with friends. Thanks for sharing.