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Friday, November 21, 2008

Penne with Tomatoes and Walnuts

I always cook cheap, at least I try to. There are some things that I always have around in my kitchen, and tomatoes are one of them. I use them quite often and mainly in salads, but when they start getting soft I transform them into great dishes, that no one will never know that they are just leftovers. The same thing happens with other vegetables, because I usually don't use frozen vegetables, so, once they won't last that long in the fridge, I have to use my imagination and create another thing. All of these recipes are mainly cooked with leftovers or vegetables that are almost losing their validity, and instead of throwing them out, save them, and cook marvelous dishes, and if you won't say, no one will ever know ;)

Today's recipe was cooked with soft tomatoes, and an almost gone broccoli. All of these quantities are for two people.
Broccoli (leftover, whatever you have in the fridge)
1 tomato (usually I buy the roman tomato, because it's the less expensive in the store)
2 tbsp chopped garlic
4 tbsp olive oil
Walnuts (I had 4)
Parmesan cheese grated
The penne takes around 9m to cook in the medium fire, so it can be "al dente". When the water is boiling add the salt (I use sea salt, it's healthier - 2tbsp), and 1 tbsp of olive oil, and then add the penne. The olive oil will make the penne softer. Cook for two minutes and add the broccoli (I removed the "small trees" that compose a broccoli head one by one, try to make it small). Remove the water after cooked and let it be inside the pot.

In a frying pan heat the three tbsp of olive oil and add the garlic. Stir for one minute and add the tomato (I chopped it in squares, not thinly but not big enough), add the salt (1/2 tbsp). Stir until the garlic is brown, don't let it overcook, the purpose of the tomato with the garlic is just to add both flavors.

Remove the tomato from the fire and add the chopped cilantro and the walnuts. Add this concoction to the penne and broccoli and mix everything. Serve and spread parmesan cheese on top.


  1. This also sounds delish! I am probably more capable of this one than the one with the apples and beef recipe. I happen to have all of these available and will do so on wed perhaps....I will let you know how it all turns out.

  2. Ok Kalei, I will wait for your opinion. Hope you like it :)